Bianca L. Rodriguez, LMFT & Spirit Animal

In alignment with today's new moon and setting intentions, I am proud to introduce Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT, a spiritual psychotherapist, healer and breathwork teacher. She is also one of my favorite people and spirit animal inspirations. We hail from the same side of the tracks, Westport, Connecticut, and have been spiritually connected since day one! She is my go to therapist recommendation in Los Angeles and is available by Skype to the rest of the world, thank you Lord. I am very fortunate that she has offered to share some guidelines on how she approaches dual diagnosis treatment, one of her specialties, as well as being a huge support for me personally, and for Dual Diagnosis Day (May 15, 2018). Below highlights some of her words of wisdom. Please sign up for her unbelievably fabulous youtube channel, download her latest book on Amazon, and follow her on social media! Or better yet, go meet this radiant spirit in person!

Treating clients struggling with dual diagnosis requires a holistic approach that incorporates your 4 operating systems. These are: 

The physical level (what we do)

The mental level (what we think and believe)

The emotional level (what we feel)

The spiritual level (who we truly are)

Traditional psychology methodologies successfully incorporate the first 3 but I have found that including spirituality is a key component to recovering to our natural state of wholeness. 

One way to understand the spiritual part of yourself is to think of it as the Observing or Authentic Self. It’s the awareness you have as you move through your day doing, thinking and feeling.

When you tap into this presence, your world expands exponentially and you can transcend your symptoms. You realize that your feelings and thoughts are just a part of your experience but they are not you. You learn how to disconnect from suffering in a healthy way making the need for substances and distractions necessary.

Finally, by tapping into your Spirit you unlock your innate capacity to heal and evolve into your best self. 

Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT is a spiritual psychotherapist, healer and breathwork teacher. For over a decade, Bianca has guided individuals suffering from anxiety, depression and addiction back to wholeness. Down to Earth and a mystic at heart, she weaves traditional therapy techniques with alternative modalities igniting her client’s innate healing capabilities. Upon meeting Bianca you'll be inspired by her effervescent spirit.